All of Us Project Research – Laura Phelan

During my research for the All of Us project I found that there are a lot of recurring themes when it comes to the idea of different cultures coming together. The first few images below are the best ones I could find which use colour and the symbolism of unity together to convey this message.

This first image uses colour to convey difference, whether in ethnicity or race. The people are posing in a circle to show unity, regardless of difference.










This second image is very similar to the first image but I prefer this one, as it is more appealing as a logo. Yet again the coloured people are holding hands with each other to show that they are unified in their differences.












This image is sharing the ideas of the above except with real hands of different races, holding up a globe. It effectively conveys an image of unity and reliance on each other’s differences to support the world.












This is a simple image make out of a basic shape with symbols cut out of it, depicting images associated with arts and culture. I chose to add this idea, as it would be easy to photocopy or print in different colours depending on what it was being printed for.












I like the concept behind this design for Intercultural Ireland because it is using images of communication to create an image of Ireland. It reminds me of the Unilever logo.












This image, is made up of different typography from different parts of the world and also used a colour gradient to symbolise cultural diversity, but in my opinion would also convey its message in black and white.










I like the idea behind the Think Culture campaign because of a few reasons. The arrangement of the font in a thought bubble pattern is quite clever, the typography is very stylised and clean, and the idea of adding images and graphics to the font is quite nice too. It also means it is easy to change the logo while still keeping the logo recognisable instantly.












The Wikipedia logo may be an obvious choice but it does share the same idea of differences coming together to create a (better) world.












The next three images are less about cultural unity and more about my own personal style and how I would like to use these styles for the All of Us Project.

I like the use of different style of line and form with the different arrow symbols here. It led me to think of different uses like cultural icons, foods, symbols, flags, all coming together in the one direction which is what I believe the All of Us Project is about.












I like how simple yet effective this image is because of its colour and typeface. It stands out immediately and if printed in a dark colour with pale font, would photocopy easily and still look good.












I like the idea of this logo and also the use of colour for design. The street name and description are barely visible which would be an issue but the idea of taking one part of the name and making it really stand out in this way might be useful in creating logo ideas for this project.

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