Rebecca Halpenny

When I think of Ethnic diversity i automatically think of many different kinds of people, different skin colours and different cultures.  In an ideal world these would be harmonious with each other and this message i found to be best conveyed by these images


This first image is a colourful display of many different hands that represent a different culture and how they all come together in a tree like formation. This could be interpreted as a family tree or a tree of life.

This is another hand image which seems to be a constant symbol in the diversity theme. it is effective though in the same way as the above.

I also wanted to talk about other logos which I find effective. I feel that some logos are overused and you can see their equivalent in many different places. many are clean cut, simple images that are very modern and basic like the Apple Mac logo

This just reeks of technology. a simple apple with a futuristic metallic look that is easily recognisable throughout the world. it is supported by the Windows gold logo

also very futuristic and this to me is not very attractive but it is effective in promoting what it is…a company that specialises in forward advances in technology. The gold colouring gives the logo a look of prestige and wealth and the font is

Today in Illustrator i learned how to use the pen tool and the brush tool combined  to design and colour an image. this is the semi finished result.

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