Stephen Rudden Research

Stephen Rudden Logo Research

The Olympics being a global sports event represents multiculturalism in one of its most inclusive forms. The rings logo created in 1912 represent five parts of the world and their union in the logo represents the coming together of the continents in the Olmypic games. It is one of the most recognisable logos in the world and timeless in look. Although simple in its form it carrys the representation of a world brand. Its ring stand for unity and the coming together of people from all over the world.

The NBC logo was first introduced in 1986. This one of the most recognisbale logos in the world. The colours represent the six divisions of NBC, News, Sports, Entertainment, Stations, Network and Productions. I chose this logo as like the Olympic logo it incorporates colours as a representation of differences.

The circle and hands theme seems to be a running trend in many multicultural events. In this image there has been an interesting take on these to features.

This is another image that incorporates the circular theme. Only this time it uses the colours as a representation of diversity in the shape of people.

This is a logo for a multicultral event in New York. There is no real symbolism but incorporates the world map and flags into the design which clearly displays the purpose of the logo.

This one of the most interesting logos I found. It is extremely relevant to my project as it incorprates student multicultural. It has an interesting use of the common colour trend but also has an interesting tag line.

This is the logo for the United Nations. I chose this logo as the UN is one of the largest organisations in the world that includes the most countries as its members. The logo itself incorporates a map into the circular theme.

This logo is different to many of the multicultural logos I have looked at. Although the colours are not very attractive it combines the faces very interestingly using skin colour as a symbol of diversity.

Over the last two years this logo has become instantly recognisable as the BP logo. The reason I chose it was because of its simplicity of design. The logo what appears to be a flower uses interesting colours and is a variant of a circular shape.

This logo clearly represnts equality. Its use of coloured ribons joining together is one of the strongest pieces of symbolism I seen when looking at these logos.

This logo is very simlar to the faces logo previously. Yet this logo represents the idea much simpler. It brings the idea to a basic form.

This logo cleverly uses different coloured people to compose a map of Austrailia. It is different in its design and interesting in its use of composition.

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